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VDA Q&A: SurrealVR




 You’ve just been nominated for a Viveport Developer Award. How do you feel?


It’s a great honor, of course. VR is simply the most exciting field of work right now, and to be nominated in the space by the folks that have built the best platform available today is just a great feeling.


Where did the idea for SurrealVR come from?


We came from a social gaming background, and we’ve always known that combining social, gaming and virtual reality will create an unbeatable combination. Once the hardware started becoming available, we dropped everything to pursue it.


How big is your team and how long did it take to develop?


We started as two founders, and we’re six now. The two founders have worked together for the better part of a decade, and we’ve recruited others that we knew from the game developer community.


Tell us something about SurrealVR that we wouldn’t know from just experiencing it on Viveport.


What you see in SurrealVR is still just a fraction of the capabilities of our platform, as we’ve had to make difficult prioritization choices as we scale. So far, we’ve been primarily focused on creating the building blocks.


During the development process, did anything surprise you along the way you didn’t expect?


Like everyone, we’ve had to learn that storytelling is different in VR. It’s one thing to just say it. It’s another thing to experience the challenges first hand.



What do you hope people take away from SurrealVR overall?


We hope people get excited about the possibilities of Social VR, of enjoying the magic together.


Are you planning future updates and adding more features to SurrealVR?


We have a number of very exciting updates planned, including full games within the platform.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other developers?


The number one piece of advice I would give to developers is learn from the work of others. There’s a lot of experimentation going on in the space, it’s happening at a very fast pace, and we’re all learning and improving together.


SurrealVR is available to download on Viveport.


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