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Vive Opens Tracker Applications for Developers and Creative Studios




It’s time to get creative. Two weeks ago we debuted the Vive Tracker, which allows developers and accessory manufacturers to bring new form factors to VR with full motion tracking. As part of the news, we announced that we’d kick-start development of the Vive ecosystem by seeding 1,000 Vive Trackers to the developer and creative community.


Starting today, we’re accepting applications for the initial batch of Trackers. Applications will be open through February 7.  That’s two weeks to tell us why your project is going to help the world rethink VR.


Ready to debut a new product in VR? Want to create an API to track a pet (or your coffee table) within the VR world? Want to track a keyboard in VR? Tell us how and why.


At CES, we showcased Vive Tracker Integrations with haptic gloves, the first VR camera, firefighting and baseball training applications, VR rifles for arcade and home use, and much more.


The possibilities are endless, so let’s prove it.


Apply now: http://link.vive.com/tracker/apply


Want to discuss the Tracker with other developers? Need advice on how to work with the Tracker, developer guidelines or more? It's all in our Developer Forums, open specifically for registered Vive developers. (Not registered? Do so here.) We look forward to talking with you!


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Hi ,


Yesterday I submitted VIVE Tracker Developer Kit Application Form. There are two fields that when I changed the country, they became hidden:

  1. Have you ever created any VR project or content
  2. Please list out the titles of the projects or contents

I tried both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and tried different countries. Only selecting Austria as the country (the default option) shows these fields.

Is it a bug in the Application Form?




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You should definitely add a VR brush!! It would be epic for stuff like tilt brush and it could be useful! I guess you could just attach a tracker to a normal tilt brush but don't you think the VR brush would get more attention? 



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