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The Viveport Developer Award winners are....




 We're very pleased to announce the winners of our first ever Viveport Developer Awards. Chosen from a range of extraordinary VR applications, these winners represent the 'best of the best' in VR today.


As a reminder, our prizes were awarded in four different categories, along with our previously decided Community Choice Award. The prizes, per category, were as follows:


Category Prizes


1st place: $50,000 + an HTC Vive
2nd place: $30,000 + an HTC Vive
3rd place: $15,000 + an HTC Vive
Runners-up (2 total): HTC Vive

Community Choice Award: $10,000 (in addition to any other prizes)




1st place: Apollo 11 VR, by Immersive VR Education Ltd.
2nd place: Realities, by Realities.io
3rd place: The Body VR, by The Body VR
Runners-up: A Chair in a Room: Greenwater (Wolf & Wood Interactive) Mars Odyssey (Steel Wool Studios)




1st place: Fantastic Contraption, by Northway Games
2nd place: Soundstage, by Hard Light Labs
3rd place: Paintlab, by LAB4242
Runners-up: Kodon (TenkLabs), Arcade Artist (Groove Jones)




1st place: Cloudlands: VR Minigolf, by Futuretown
2nd place: AltspaceVR, by AltSpaceVR
3rd place: Engage, by Immersive VR Education Ltd.
Runners-up: World of Diving (Vertigo Games), SurrealVR (SurrealVR)




1st place: Allumette, by Penrose Studios
2nd place: Pearl, by Google Spotlight Stories
3rd place: Firebird - La Péri, by InnerspaceVR
Runners-up: TheBlu (Wevr), The Night Café: A VR Tribute to Van Gogh (Borrowed Light Studios)


Community Choice Award


A Chair in a Room: Greenwater, by Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd.


Congratulations to all of our winners! Every title you see here is available now on Viveport, with savings of up to 40% off on 1st place winners Fantastic Contraption, Apollo 11 VR and Cloudlands: VR Minigolf.


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