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5 of the best story-driven apps for Vive




This editorial is written by Felicia Miranda, a freelance technology journalist. Follow her on Twitter @FeliciaVagabond. We hope this editorial helps you find the best VR content available!


A good story can make you feel something magical. Achieving this through movies and books is quite challenging, but is even tougher to pull off in VR. A developer needs a good story, of course, but he or she must also consider audio, visuals, and overall presentation.

With those considerations in mind, here are some of the best story-driven apps you can experience on Vive, all of which create a magical experience in VR.


Special Delivery

Developer: Google Spotlight Stories

Available on Viveport

If you’re a Wallace and Gromit fan in search of a VR experience that is sure to bring you a hearty chuckle, Special Delivery is a must. Equipped with only a flashlight and a good ear for sound, our suspicious protagonist spends his Christmas Eve trying to find Santa. You won’t know who to root for, but the plot will keep you guessing at what happens next. I won’t spoil the ending, but this adorable app will give you a good laugh.

Special Delivery is a 360 movie with beautiful animation and a clever plot set to a lively soundtrack. It’s not exactly a full-fledged VR experience, but I still enjoyed following the characters around as the story unraveled.


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