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  1. @Alex_HTCWe are not using eye tracker on the flow. The dial ring around the lens is for chaning IPD I assume.
  2. Sorry @Alex_HTC I was working on and talking about a VIVE Flow, not a Focus 3. VIVE OpenXR plugin works all fine on Focus 3, but I got the issue on the Flow.
  3. I’m not seeing the eye tracker option listed under setting->input !? (I'm talking about a VIVE Flow) I assume the dial ring around the lens is for adjusting the IPD. Am I right? (for VIVE Flow)
  4. Thank you @Alex_HTC Changing system IPD woundn't make much difference. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the right eye won't see anything at all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if put the cube on the central line, no matter how near or far away I put the cube, each eye only sees small part of the object. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I've been using VIVEPORT video, but it won't see images. So I turned image/(s) to video.
  6. It looks like two eyes positioned TOO far away from each other.
  7. Thanks for your detailed reply Alex I was referring to eddylai's last post talking about eye swap. But my issue looks more like wrong eye separation. I tried the general XRRig and VIVE’s VRSRig.
  8. Ran into the same issue. Any update?
  9. Thank you very much. I'd like to let you know if you have branches or staff in uk want to do more research about the problem, our lab is open to you to do the job. We are at Portsmouth
  10. YES, Vive trackers work perfect as soon as cameras are off.
  11. Thanks for your reply Our Vicon system using T10 near infrared cameras Vive headset and controllers have been working fine with both of our motion capture systems. We are using first generation of headset and controllers. I guess you might be using different sensors in trakcers and new generation of your product...
  12. We tried the trackers with both OptiTrack Flex13 and Vicon system. While the cameras of motion capture system are on the Vive trackers turned very unstable...if you wave around trackers they can be tracked at some point but lost tracking very quickly. Isn't there any work around to solve this problem? any suggestion please... Thanks Ruiying
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