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  1. got it working----followed steps thru an e-mail from a VIVE technician----she really helped alot
  2. my main issue is that when I try to connect----HDMI and USB connections won't connect I even contacted Dell and they are suppose to help me Good luck with getting yours to work-----they are pretty good about helping on here @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
  3. PLease help-----cannot get my vive to work have tried all the cables and even went to Steam for help PLEASE HELP ---------thank you
  4. its working fine now------it was really messed up before though thanx for all you guys help
  5. had to uninstall vive and then reinstall----still did not fix the issue when clicking on desktop or steam----no response started happening 2 days ago no errors yes my PC is connected to the internet
  6. have a much bigger problem-----cannot sign in my account-------says e-mail is not linked tried to do my VR and cannot sign in
  7. when using my Vive----I click on steam or desktop===nothing happens tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried restarting the PC====nothing any help would be greatly appreciated
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