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  1. I know there was a vive update that claims to have fixed my bug, but it is still there even after the update.
  2. Vive software sort of works. I downloaded a free game VR funhouse that I demo'd in a microsoft store. I was able to sort of play it, but I need a new videocard as it's shaky and slow. (I have a K2200 Nvidia Quadro workstation). I ordered a P4000 today. I haven't bought any steam software with money yet, but no errors there. My only problem is that the microsoft keeps popping up with that same window over and over. Clicking to search for the app results in nothing, yet the pop up comes right back. I have to control-alt-delete to end the program to not constantly see the pop up warning.
  3. As long as Steam and Vive is open on my PC, I get this pop up warning. "you'll need a new app to open this viveport" Find in Store, and always use this app check box. When I click to search the store it finds nothing, then the warning pops up again in about a minute. Anyone know the fix? Google isn't coming up with anything like this.
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