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  1. Hello maxrom, If you can share your setup, may be I can help with the jitter.. what are you mounting it on? What kind of turbulence is expected?
  2. hi, I plugged into its gearbox circuit and linked it back to the vive tracker signals .. It can obviously be done wirelessly too, but theres not much space in the gun around the gearbox even to host a arduino nano or a esp8266 regards
  3. hey VibrantNebula, thanks ..ill try it out. regards Pramod
  4. hi VibrantNebula, thats great news... any links how to use this in unity? will there be a following update to the steamVr unity plugin to enable these features too? regards Pramod
  5. hey ray, check the following link ... i use this for my arieal shoots .. works perfectly well for a gopro.. regards pramod
  6. Hello VR-DM, Thanks for replying .. ill check this out . Meanwhile we tried the wire isolation method .. seems to have reduced the disturbance , but its not a complete solution yet. Ill now try combining to filter the events along with the isolator. thnx again. Pramod
  7. hello VibrantNebula, while we wait for response from the tracker team.. we have tried out making a vibration isolator for the tracker...seems the floating is down to 5% .. but obviously as with all isolators theres a terrible "jello" effect on the gun..working on it..hopefully should be able to resolve it in the coming week. regards pramod
  8. hello VibrantNebula, thanks for replying and forwarding this to the tracker team. I have checked and rechecked for reflections.. that does not solve the issue. We are able to play without any floating issues if the recoil is turned off ..so the problem is being caused by the recoil definetly.. The usb is working correctly too..no issues there. Increasing the distance between the gun body and the tracker seems to reduce the floating a bit. We are now trying to build a shock isolator mount for the tracker, hopefully that should resolve this. I hope the tracker team can help me narrow this down. Im glad you like it :) its amazing to play too ..as real as it can get !! regards Pramod
  9. Hello, We have mounted a vive tracker to an electric airsoft gun to achive realistic simulation of weapons in VR. As seen from the below video , communication is happening perfectly, we are able to reload/shoot and other functions are performing well. The major issue we are facing is the tracker floating away due to the recoil. Initially we thought that maybe reflections was the culprit, but even after covering up every reflective surface in our play area the issue still persists. The tracker is jittering and floating all over the place as can be seen in the video. The gun tracks perfectly if the recoil is turned off. Is there a workaround to this? Has someone else encountered such issues too? regards Pramod
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