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  1. And now it is sold out. Exactly as I said it would. Regardless of your assurance, privately, that you didn't expect it to, we are now in a situation where I still can't develop for the platform. It's like you guys are TRYING to lose my business and in turn all my customers. What gives? How do we go about getting the trackers I was told wouldn't sell out in order to develop next-gen games for your next-gen headset?
  2. So who do I talk to if I don't have a team of 100 or a YouTube channel that focuses on VR? We're just a simple developer trying to make simple games for people and after getting the runaround through the developer contact I have which led to a text chat option through HTC, I was left with less information than I started with. I'm not asking for anything free and I'm willing to pay for the item we would just like to get one as soon as possible so we don't have to do the inevitable shuffle that's going to happen when all the consumers buy them out thinking that they will add a bunch of stuff to their games when the reality is people like me need to get a hold of it so we can actually make stuff that uses the goddamn thing. But when I call corporate or bring up my account information and developer number, I get nothing. it's very frustrating. I just want to make good games for people using their stuff. This is why We will probably now have to go over to dealing with the HP Omnicept. They've been very responsive. I own over 30 HTC headsets so to say I'm invested would be an understatement. I hope this message can find its way to somebody or somebody could provide me a legitimate phone number and name for someone to talk to I would really appreciate it. otherwise, thanks for everything for and I look forward to becoming a more active member in this community regardless of how this turns out. Adam
  3. I see that. I'm just concerned that it will be set up in such a way that consumers flood the purchase site and there will be none left for a legitimate developer. I'm foreseeing a videocard/CPU situation. Or something more relative: Valve Index supply and demand.
  4. I have a very tiny VR company in Tacoma, Washington. I have also talked directly with a Enterprise Account Executive for Seattle but they went dark so I don't know if they left or what? Either way, we are anticipating converting our inventory to the HP Intercept unless HTC has something competitive to offer this round. Getting ahold of a lip tracker would allow us to start with all the bells and whistles for our upcoming products than tacking it all on later. Thanks for any help in advance. adamcboyd@beg.llc
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