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  1. Those having issues with their tracker can you please share the P/N of your tracker? I believe different regions have different part numbers. From what I gather (I might be wrong, its just what I've found on online shops - please correct me if I'm wrong) 99HALM003-00 is the older gen US(?) version 99HALM008-00 is the older gen euro version 99HANL003-00 is the euro 2018 version 99HANL005-00 is the japanese 2018 version 99HANL002-00 is the US 2018 version I'm not sure what the differences between them are (if any) but I figured it might be a starting point for isolating the problem. Mine is the 99HALM008-00 version and I've been having issues too.
  2. , are you guys using the old trackers as well or are you using the new (2018) trackers and this is still hapening? Can anyone confirm if this still happens with the new trackers/pro controllers?
  3. We have found that our issue is due to interference due to leap motion which has infrared LEDs - not sure if that is the case for you guys also. This post at leap motion is also discussing this issue: https://forums.leapmotion.com/t/leap-motion-interferes-tracking-of-vive-tracker/6215/27 This thread explains why the trackers may be more succeptible than the HMD/motion controllers: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Developer-Support/VIVE-Trackers-conflict-with-cameras-of-motion-capture-system/td-p/7836 The Vive HMD and the controllers use an HTC/Valve designed light to digital converter and PBC assembly whereas the Vive Trackers are using Triad manufactured TS3633's as well as a new PBC design. This could explain why they're more susceptible to IR interference than the HMD/controller technology. They fundamentally preform the same function but have underlying differences in design. This may mean that other technologies that will use the TS3633 may also face similar interference issues. Do you guys know how we might be able to get around this issue with the SteamVR 1.0 trackers, and whether or not this issue will be a problem with the SteamVR 2.0 trackers?
  4. Any updates? We're seeing a similar issue also.
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