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  1. I agree that it's a hardware defect, but I don't think we should give HTC the "different head shapes" excuse. My head is large enough that I have trouble finding hats that fit well, and the headphones still don't have enough pressure against my ears.
  2. The trick "works", but with the loudness equalization, the volume drops on louder noises, the ones that usually have bass. So ya, we're still far from a real solution. What's truly ironic is listening to the Only One King song from the announcement trailer. The song sounds great with almost any other speakers or headphones, but then it sounds like crap on the product it was used for advertisement. Did I say ironic, I meant sad.
  3. There are only two people who have claimed improved sound after the firmware update. But more importantly, you claim to have had to use a rubber band to force the headphones onto your ears for better bass. I agree that the springs in the headphones should be stronger. That would also fall under a hardware issue. It's also important to note that I have read and watched almost all the reviews for the Vive Pro. Not a single one claimed that it had good sound. Unfortunately, most of them said they had no comment because they weren't audiophiles. However, you don't have to be one to notice a complete lack of bass. All the other reviewers confirmed what most of us are hearing. I will not be adding a rubber band around my headphones, and I know I'm not alone on that. Considering how long HTC had to develop the Vive Pro, they should've tested the sound quality. Again. HTC. Replacements or refund? Personally, I would prefer replacements so that I can enjoy a complete, intact audio/video experience, as the Vive Pro was advertised to be.
  4. I think it's about time that HTC admits that this is a hardware issue. If they could "fix" this with software/firmware, they would have done it by now. It's also about time they tell us whether we'll be receiving replacement headphones and/or a partial refund (at least 100$ considering how good the headphones were ADVERTISED to be).
  5. I just tried the bass enhancement setting and I can confirm what others have said. It helps very little and severely limits the volume. And I also agree that removing the headphones is not an option. All we're asking is for something at least as good as the LAST GENERATION and CHEAPER deluxe audio strap. You still have just three options: 1. A firmware/software fix that actually works and is released asap. 2. Sending out attachable headphones that actually work as advertised. 3. A significant refund for selling a faulty, untested product.
  6. I agree. So many people will be approaching the deadline for returns soon. Yet, still no solution. HTC should consider that a partial refund for defective headphones would probably cost them less than having to process all the returned units. Or at least promise a replacement for the headphones before it's too late. For the few people that claimed decent audio, have you tried listening to rap or rock music with the Vive Pro? Does it actually sound anywhere near the Deluxe Audio Strap?
  7. I actually find the higher frequencies and even the mids to be quite good. However, that doesn't excuse a complete lack of bass. Music in particular takes the greatest hit. Audioshield is pretty much unplayable at this point. We're only getting two thirds of the sound. HTC needs to realise that this is as bad as if the headset was shipped with only two thirds of the advertised screen resolution. I know I'm being repetitive at this point, but again, how do you release a high end product without testing it first? It just blows my mind.
  8. VibrantNebula, I truly appreciate that you're trying to help and I have sent in my SteamVR system report and my serial number. However, I don't appreciate this issue being marked as "solved" when a firmware update has only added a tiny bit of bass. Again, if the Vive Pro's advertised audio details didn't include words like "powerful" and "true-to-life", I would not be complaining so much. Also, if I was alone in thinking that there was still a very noticeable issue, I would stop as well. However, even a reputable website has confirmed it. So please, for the sake of good customer service, remove the "solved" until it's actually true. Thank you.
  9. I know it seems redundant to reference an article that references this forum, but over at Tom's Hardware (http://www.tomshardware.com/news/steamvr-vive-pro-audio-patch,36880.html), they're experiencing the same issue. The part that I find baffling is that this wouldn't be nearly as big of an issue if HTC wasn't constantly bragging about the superior audio (throbbing drivers in the "Only One King" announcement video, etc.) up until the release. That and the price of the unit of course. So I ask the question again, more out of curiosity than anything, why claim amazing audio when it didn't have it in the first place? Also, considering the failed patching attempt, if this can't be resolved on a software level, will we be getting replacement headphones or a refund? Because it is a very clear case of false advertising.
  10. TylerDax, you're lucky. Is there anything else you did? And HTC, don't think you're done now because I also have the latest SteamVR beta installed, as well as the headset firmware update. I even deleted and reinstalled all Vive software and restarted my computer. And still no bass.
  11. As stated by Pebcak, it did say that it would improve audio quality for the Vive Pro... And it didn't.... Still absolutely no bass... On a 1000$ (CDN) HMD...
  12. I've also installed the firmware, restarted my hmd and there is still no bass. If it's the hardware, will we be getting a replacement pair of headphones or a significant refund?
  13. Hello. I know it's a known issue, but I figure the more people talking about it, the more HTC will realise how serious of an issue it is. Especially since they were boasting about the audio quality...then there's no bass. How did no one actually test the audio of the device months ago? I'm not trying to be rude, but at the same time, customers have paid lots of money for a product that was supposed to have great sound.
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