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  1. @jasper1234 We use Trackers as controllers and overwrite the json file to assign it within SteamVR. The assignments that are overwritten are the "device class" (changed from "generic_tracker" to "controller"), the "render model" (changed from "vr_tracker_vive_1_0" to "generic_controller") and "tracked controller role" (changed from '' '' to "left_hand"). Obviously, you can do either hand if you need, or just leave it blank if it doesn't matter for your system. You will need to disconnect one of your wand controllers to connect this new "controller." We use the Tracker 2018 (blue logo) and haven't bricked one yet, though I am not going to guarantee this is a completely infallible implementation. I've attached an example json file. Tracker_Left
  2. @VibrantNebula Thank you so much for your reply! I have been in contact with the enterprise team over the past month. There are many variables and I'm sure they are busy, therefore, I have not been able to get a straight answer from them. Your response does make a lot of sense and explains the randomness we see in connection and tracking. To clarify, the maximum number of systems we have in our current location is 14. We are opening a second location with 7 systems in just a few weeks and another with 6 in just a couple months. We do have other peripheral devices that run off WiFi (speakers, lighting, etc). I have been told those are running off 5GHz, though I am going to confirm tomorrow. BT has been disabled on each PC. We have a tracking puck and webcam that connect via USB to PC. It sounds like I need to do as you suggest and eliminate as many devices operating over BT and determine if 2.4GHz Wifi is enabled. It will be interesting to see if there is anything we can do to improve the environment. I will post any significant findings for other's reference if I find anything. Thanks,
  3. We have the exact same issues with our systems. We have about 20 different systems online, with more coming, and battle controllers constantly "connected but not tracking" when pulled off the chargers, then sometimes drop in the middle of the experience. Using the Vive Pro system. Have submitted multiple reports and support tickets with Steam, Valve, and Vive - no real answers. We are chasing down an issue with EMF potentially affecting the USB drives and bluetooth signal, but it is really frustrating.
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