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  1. Hey @jiunlin, I actually reverted back to 1.12.8 for now and that seems to work okay (with the appropriate version of app to the device). I have just been running it in editor so far. I haven't tried a build as yet. With Unreal 5.3.1 I should add.
  2. Note the above issue is with VBS version that says it contains a fix for the inverted value. I note that it is on the Beta release channel, so perhaps I have jumped the gun and the UE5 plugin itself will also need an updated version to use with this version of VBS? Thanks.
  3. @jiunlin Hi, I'm just testing VBS 1.13.2 with your own passthrough sample in the vive_openxr_sample_2.1.0_UE_5.3 project. It seems to do the reverse of what it should. Solid objects (the "floor" actor in the sample) show the passthrough, while the surrounding sphere, where I'd expect to see the passthrough video remains blank. Am I missing something here? VBS app is on the device. After hitting "A" (enabling the passthrough) the object with grid texture, below, shows the passthrough. This is the opposite of what I'd expect. ss
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