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  1. I just notice layer is set to DualCameraLeft, but it was just a test before taking the screenshot. It doesnt work on Default either... ;/
  2. Hi There. Its been a month since I tried the solution, but now I came back to try the exact same steps, and its not working anymore. Im posting the setup of my DepthMaskQuad. It just has no effects on virtual objects in the scene.
  3. Hi! Im trying to use Depth Image Texture to discard pixels of virtual objects whose depth are behind real objects. For instance, if my hand passes in front of a virtual cube, it would occlude it. The first naive ideia is to use a shader to directly compare depth values from virtual scene (using Depth Buffer) and real world (using HTC Depth Texture). However, those textures does not have the same proportion. If there a way of doing this using resources from SRWorks? A more depth think brought me to think that I would need to sample world points and generate a texture for each eye (since occlusion occurs differently for each eye). However I think I would need some kind of "raycast" for generating the depth values. Thanks!
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