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  1. Hi I would like to use my vive pro with a laptop, the HMD still needs to be powered by the brake out box and then plugged to wall socket. is there a way to power the hmd by battery, like the wireless adapter (which i have) or plugin into the laptop , to be free of cables to the wall socket? thanks james
  2. thanks SanityGaming for the sound advice. j
  3. thanks VibrantNebula that make sense to me why i am finding it hard to find a product. j
  4. hi, my wireless works perfectly, but i like to attach the battery to the headset because it is easier to take the headset on and off. Battery adds a bit of weight though to the headset, is there a alternative battery that is smaller and lighter , and I understand i will have less battery life because of this if there is a compatible battery Anyone know of a compatible lighter battery that works? thanks james
  5. Hi I started to notice a warping issue when i move my head from left to right in the last few months, objects appear to tilt in the middle and background. Could this be a new issue or was it always like this? Vive pro, wireless, nvidea 1660, also warping with out wireless. Anyone have this issue? thanks james
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