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  1. My new Vive has been working fine since I got it, though the first time I used it I did get the 108 error again. I now find that if I plug the Vive in before turning the pc on, it is always detected no problems. I think another driver was probably causing the issue, and having the Vive plugged in before booting ensures that the Vive is detected before whatever was messing with it. Hopefully this helps someone! Can’t get enough of Doom VFR :)
  2. Hi guys, I have not yet used the driver tool because I may have found a work-around and I’m worried if I remove and reinstall the drivers that the Vive won’t be detected at all, like before. I power on my PC with the Vive plugged in to everything on the link box, the base stations turned on and everything set up. Steam sometimes detects the headset, in which case, great I can play straight away. If steam gives me error 108, I navigate to add/remove programs in windows and in the search bar I type in “Vive” and three programs come up. I click Vive Driver and click modify, which opens up the installation wizard. I click repair, and once it’s done it says I must restart, so I click the restart button. When my PC has rebooted, I run Vive set up and skip through to the detection stage - this is so I can check if it is the HDMI or the USB which isn’t detected. Usually it’s the USB, so I unplug the USB from my PC which is going to the link box, then plug it into a different USB port. I sometimes have to do this a few times. Then my PC will detect the USB. I then click through the rest of the setup so that the Vive setup opens steam VR. Then my headset is detected. This has worked twice for me now so I’m hoping it will give me consistent results. It’s a bit long-winded but once it’s connected, it’s absolutely fine and won’t give any errors until it’s turned off or unplugged. I hope this can help someone else who, like me, has tried all of the troubleshooting with no results. It & when it stops working for me, I shall use the driver tool, but until then I’m just glad I can play and don’t want to mess it up lol, thanks for the help :)
  3. Hi John, I will give that a go when I get back from work tonight. Should I only remove the drivers specified on that steam page? I could remove everything to get a completely clean driver install, but I’d like to avoid this if possible because then I would have to move my PC into the other room for the Ethernet cable so I could install my wireless adapter’s drivers. Cheers!
  4. Hi John, I managed to get it working again and have been playing it all night. Once the Vive is detected, there are no issues whatsoever - it’s actually getting it detected that is the issue. Now I don’t want to turn the PC off because when I turn it back on, it won’t work lol Steam gives me error 108, but I re-run the Vive set up just so I can see the detection stage, so I know if my PC is actually detecting the Vive or not. It seems to be completely random as to whether the Vive will be detected or not - though this is better than the previous Vive, which didn’t work at all. To use it I have to mess around with reinstalling the drivers, Vive setup and steam vr until it is detected. Do you have any idea what could be causing this issue? It seems to be a driver issue as sometimes device manager doesn’t register that a device has been plugged in at all, and sometimes it comes up as as composite USB device with a warning icon. Me and my friend considered the possibility that Steam VR is ignoring the Vive for on-board video - so I looked in the BIOS for this but there was no option to disable on-board video. I am very pleased with the VR experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing games tonight! I just need to figure out how to consistently get the Vive to be detected. Thanks for the help :)
  5. Also I have no idea what the Vive Setup is doing but it keeps messing my wireless adapter up - my adapter says no wireless networks are found and I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to work again. This only happens when I am running Vive set up.
  6. Okay I got it working and was able to boot up Skyrim VR. I then turned my PC off and moved it into the other room so I could play room-scale, and again my PC cannot detect the Vive. Steam VR gives me error 108 and Vive set up cannot detect it. Sometimes device manager says Composite USB device with a warning triangle but says the most up to date drivers are already installed. Sometimes nothing shows up at all.
  7. Just got my new Vive and it doesn’t work either - what else can I do? I am so frustrated with this I’m about ready to ditch HTC and buy an oculous Rift.
  8. Hi all, I recently purchased a HTC Vive and was looking forward to playing with it. I bought a gaming PC specifically for this purpose, so I couldn't wait to give it a try. I turned on the PC and then the literal first thing I did was get to work setting up the Vive. (Note: all motherboard drivers, graphics card drivers etc were installed) I downloaded Vive Setup and ran it, it installed Steam VR etc and everything went fine. It got to the hardware part and I plugged the vive in - it detected the USB but not the HDMI. I switched the HDMI to a different port on my PC and it detected it. I continued with the set up and connected the controllers etc, which worked fine. Once at the room setup on Steam VR, I closed Steam VR to move my PC into a bigger room (I had it in my bedroom so the ethernet cable could reach - I installed the drivers for my wireless adapter via this ethernet cable). I plugged everything back in and fired the PC back up in the other room, opened Steam VR and went to Room Setup. I was greeted with the 108 error - headset not detected. I tried absolutely EVERYTHING to try and fix this. I tried different ports on my PC, I restarted the PC a billion times, checked the wires into the headset, re-installed Steam VR and Viveport, reinstalled drivers, bypassed the link box, REINSTALLED WINDOWS, still I received the 108 error. (Note: after reinstalling windows and viveport, the detection part of the setup failed to detect the Vive. I let it sit there for 10 minutes and suddenly it detected it, and installed all the necessary drivers. I booted up Steam VR and it detected my headset, but Steam VR said it did not start correctly so I couldn't start a game. I closed and re-opened Steam VR, whilst feeling extremely cynical that the 108 error would return, and of course the error did return. I have a degree in Computer Science and this had left me totally baffled. After 5.5 hours of trying to set it up I concluded that the Vive must be broken, so I sent it back to GAME. I have just got off the phone with them and they say that my new Vive will be sent out today and should arrive tomorrow. I am posting this because I would like to know if anybody else has experienced a similar problem, and how they fixed it. At first I was extremely excited to get a Vive but now I am just worried that this new Vive won't work either. I pray that this new Vive will work flawlessly but incase it doesn't and I am faced with the dreaded 108 error again, what else can I try? Here's my PC specs: Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 95 W 8 Core/16 Threads 3.8GHz 4MB CPU RAM: 16GB DDR4 Graphics Card: NVidea ZOTAC GeForce GTX1070 Mini 8GB GDDR5 Thanks in advance :)
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