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  1. Hey, this is related to my other post, but for other users - especially those interested in using the search function - this has a right to stand on its own I think. The question is: how can we erase any last little bit of VIVE related software from a system? Aka, do a complete purge, wiping - Software - Configs - Settings - Drivers from all the drives so that quite literally nothing that can interfere with the VIVE will remain? So far, we found a couple of ideas and official tips, but they were honestly all over the place. We are aware of DDU (display driver uninstall tool) and of VALVE's recommendation to use USBDeview to disconnect / remove all former USB driver installations. However, we always seem to forget a lot of relevant stuff - probably related to Windows 10 itself. Can anyone help complete the list with us? Thanks in advance, Til P.S.: There is another thread with a couple of superficial suggestions like uninstalling SteamVR, but the last sentence in that thread is nothing I want to repeat here, so I'm hoping not to create any redundancy.
  2. P.S.: To whom this might be of interest, Our "black VIVE"-issue could be resolved on at least one machine by running a clean DDU-Uninstall of the latest Nvidia drivers and a rollback to (in our case) 416.81.
  3. Hi John, again, thanks for clearing up the issue - I should probably have only posted it once in hindsight. We must have been very unlucky with our rate of failure, however, I can assure you that both Lighthouses were treated as gently as humanly possible; one of them was moved less than 10 meters out of the original, sealed VIVE Pro packaging. If DOAs happen, and the mechanisms are this fragile and delicate, it would seem wise for HTC to stock their vendors (at least in other markets!) with a decent supply of solo-lighthouses - not even being able to buy a replacement even if you wanted to, but instead having to un-mount, re-package and return two complete sets is rather frustrating. Oh and - something you might like to know. The official HTC Support Ticket I received gave me the (machine translated) instructions from a Steampowered discussion on how to install the "calibration rescue" firmware on the 2.0 base stations. However, since there are no A, B, C channels on the base station if I am correct, but A, B and C channels are mentioned in those instructions, it would seem that they recommend using the 1.0 firmware - which seems a little bit risky in my opinion because that firmware must be completely different from the 2.0 firmware. Anyway, I have to get up in 4 hours to make a 2 hour drive and see if I can fix the unrelated issue with two more VIVE Pros for our client in the morning - have a good day and thanks for your input. Cheers, Til
  4. Hi John, thank you for clearing that up. So, we were apparently both just very unlucky with our Base Stations not being active for more than 100 / 20 hours respectively, not being moved out of place and still breaking down within such a short amount of time. The prices I've calculated refer to the actual price at which Base Stations can be bought in Germany (and, probably, most other European nations). In fact, there is not a single vendor here even selling single 2.0 base stations - Amazon has 1.0 Base Stations for roughly 240 Eur / 270 USD. We have managed to get RMAs for both our devices, but as they were sold as Complete Editions, the -entire- sets are now being replaced - I don't know what will actually happen with the hardware and I am not a logistics expert, but shipment for 1500 USD devices can't be cheap. In other news, one of the clients of my company has a five-day event this week, and both their VIVE Pros have stopped working today on two seperate laptops - with reoccuring "Compositor not available" issues, then, once we got them running by unplugging, we made the big mistake of following a recommended Nvidia driver update - which resulted in them displaying nothing at all - even though they are now recognized by SteamVR and we are able to see content like the Tutorial on the monitors of both notebooks. We did a clean and complete uninstall of SteamVR, Steam, Viveport and all USB drivers with the tools recommended by VALVE, then installed everything again from scratch and are now stuck trying to install the old Nvidia driver versions. Said client is now on day two of their event, and I cannot see either of their two machines running tomorrow. Up until a week ago, I would have considered the Vive Pro a safe bet for most situations and the vast majority of applications. Now, one week later, we have had two hardware failures in privately used machines, and two massive software failures on client machines, without any driver updates, any funky software / driver installations or maltreatment of the hardware on our / their end whatsoever. They literally just stopped working properly, and after running a recommended driver update just to be totally on the safe side, stopped working altogether. I really don't know what to say anymore, except that after one week, my judgement must change from "quite reliable" to "absolutely disastrous".
  5. "The device was already failing and the firmware update caught it" -> the very same thing happened to two of our base stations in the past 48 hours. One of them was in use for less than 100 hours total, the other one for less than 12 hours, both blinking red within 48 hours. Also, we noticed this: One of the 2.0 base stations has the proper (2.0) icon, the other one... doesn't, since it's shown as a 1.0 lighthouse. I simply can't believe that new hardware will work flawlessly at first and then die a sudden death, especially not with the icon issue attached to it. Any input on this would be most welcome! Thanks, Til
  6. Hello, Both my friend and I are customers of the VIVE Pro Complete Edition (with 2.0 lighthouses). For both of us, one lighthouse each "died" within the past 48 hours - red blinking L.E.D., which, according to the sources on this website, means a mechanical / rotor failure and need for servicing. However, what puzzled me is a) the coincidence which I don't believe in, and b) the fact that ever since the last updates, ONE of the lighthouses (the working one) is being shown as a 2.0 (icon), the other one as a 1.0. As this issue can quickly lead to huge efforts and cost (300-350 USD for the two of us alone for sending them back to the vendor / vendor sending them to HTC / vendor giving out "new" lighthouses to us), this issue should be looked into at Warp 9.9 or faster. Again, I may be wrong and it may all be a coincidence, but that possibility seems very, very small in light of the findings. Cheers, Til
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