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  1. Wonderful! activating the device height script on WaveVR worked! thanks for all the help! Here's the results from the apk you sent. 3a. the y went from 1.8 to ~1.3 3b. the y went from 1.8 to ~2.1 Inside the VR though, I'm higher and unable to reach the buttons on the bottom. Also it feels like i am floating above the floor (feet not touching floor) i did a force-stop everytime to make sure the app is fully closed. I also removed the headset for 5 seconds until it went into suspend mode in both 3a and 3b scenerios. FYI: I'm 5ft 6in, but i had a person that that is 6ft tall try it and he had the same problem.
  2. I always follow those steps, but it doesn't help. I am not able to reach the buttons or even the interactable cube that floats in the middle. It's still too high. I was expecting a similar experience in the focus like i do in the vive pro, in the vive pro, the height position is perfect, in the focus it is too high. Can we change this in the teleportable script? to teleport the camera to the raycast collision point, and just do y - value (a value that will correct the height)? If its not in the teleportable script, what script can i use to implement this?
  3. APK feedback: Same results, camera is still too high. (see video of your APK recording) Suggsted change: VR Settng was not checked. I checked it but it had no improvement, camera still too high. VROrigin position was not modified.
  4. I move the VROrigin because the camera starts high. So i need to move it down to compensate for that, however, when teleporting the height gets reset and shows high again. If i make one of the cubes teleprotable and teleport to the top of the cube, the height seems to increase, when i teleport to the floor the height changes. There's gotta be some fixed height relative to the teleport location that seems to be causing a problem. I did the changes you suggested, but it didn't help with the issue. See video below. In this demo, i did not touch the VROrigin position, it's left with the default transform values. EDIT: Not sure if this matters, but i am using unity 2018.2.2 WVR SDK 3.0.2 and Vive Input utility (tag added by moderator) Edit2: i just tried the the same scene with the VIVE PRO and it works fine with the VIVE PRO (no height issues).
  5. Thanks for the update, I can't wait to try it out. I will be testing on both Windows 10 and MacOS and provide feedback once released.
  6. Just checking... Do you have any updates / news?
  7. I'm currently using VIU. Looking at example "controller manager sample scene", with nothing modified, The camera looks like it's floating higher than it should. You can replicate the issue by creating a new project (see my unity version above). Import VIU, import WaveSDK, switch platform to android, accept recommended project settings changes from wavesdk, open the above example scene and build project to device. (i am using Vive Focus Plus) is there documentation for this plugin? I tried searching online for the documents to see what the "Device height" script does but i couldn't find anything. I keep changing the setting but it doesn't seem to do anything. EDIT: https://github.com/ViveSoftware/ViveInputUtility-Unity/blob/gh-pages/assets/doc/guide.pdf just found some documentation. still no reference to device height. EDIT2: I moved the VROrigin gameobject down (in the editor preview, the camera is not in he same position as in the HDM, in the editor it shows below the floor, in the HDM it shows above the floor). Now it shows correct in the HDM, HOWEVER, when teleporting, the height resets to some predetermined height, and now it the camera is above everything else like it was before, i can't seem to find this set number in the editor, i again tried to play with the device height number, but it doesn't seem to do anything for me.
  8. I am using the Focus Plus for my VR experience. Is there a rule or equation (guide) as to how to properly set the scaling for a more true to life feel? Right now, my model looks gigantic. Is it better to scale the objects down, will this affect my lightinig or other components? Should i scale the camera? FOV? Every time i importa model and the camera rig, i feel like i have to do a lot of tweaking in order to get a close to life scale, and i was wondering if there was a rule that i should follow to make this easier.
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