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  1. I sure wish they chose another chipset then. I also wish they put that NOT IPHONE COMPATIBLE tragedy more upfront in their advertisement. This would have been a great product, but alas only certain types of phone users will ever know. 😞
  2. I'm very disappointed, as I really wanted to buy FLOW.....until I learned the absolutely STUPID mistake of HTC only allowing FLOW to be used with Android phones. I's be willing to bet that more people who own iPhones would be interested in FLOW than Andoris users. HTC really should fire whomever made this unwise decision. 😞
  3. Perhaps I'll stick with Oculus, as the Oculus community is so much more alive that this HTC forum. This is the 2nd time in 1 year that I've asked a question on this forum and received ZERO responses.
  4. Tired of Oculus issues (including my new Rift S), and think that the extra money spent with the HTC platform would probably be worth it. I am thinking of waiting a bit and getting the upcoming COSMOS, so how easy would it be to play my Oculus store game with the Cosmos? Also, the HTC controllers don't seem to be as nice as other controllers. Would I be able to buy those nifty Valve Index controllers to use with the COSMOS? Anything else you guys couls tell me as someone defecting from Oculus and coming to HTC would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
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