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  1. I'm having the same problem. After about 20 minutes of talking in circles with tech support I've been told my only real option is to buy a new one. I'll admit mine was around 2 years old but there isn't a scratch on it and it's very upsetting how little they seem to care. They also couldn't guarantee that this problem wouldn't happen again. I believe his exact words were "these things happen" which is the last thing I want to hear when i'm asking what more I could possibly do to keep it from happening again.
  2. It's a great product but I'm very disappointed that their customer service tried to blame me for the problem and then told me my only option was to give them more money. We have taken outstanding care with all of our equipment because our small business cant afford to spend money carelessly. I don't like being accused of mishandling, not given any advice on how to avoid the problem in the future, and then being told the only solution is spending more money. It seems very heartless for what is essentially a very small community of VR users.
  3. I'm just upset that after spending $800 on a product the only answer I received was that I must have mishandled it and I should spend more money on another lighthouse that might break the same way. I work with a company that treats this equipment very carefully and worked very hard to mount it securely. I feel foolish having to tell my colleges that I might have to spend another $130 and that it may break again despite our care.
  4. My Lighthouse has the error 10010. They have been mounted in the same place for the past 2 years and was informed by the support team that my issue was caused by vibrations or mishandling which doesn't add up to me. Does anyone else have a solution because the company I work for wont allow me to continue to purchase lighthouses if their shelf life is this short. These lighthouses are unplugged at night and are mounted in cement walls and have been undisturbed for the past 2 years. Hopefully someone has a better solution than their support team which was to just buy another and hope it doesn't happen again.
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