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  1. Deleting & reimporting the SRWorks Plugin package solved the problem, thank you very much ! @reneeclchen
  2. Please, read the first post and watch th video. The problem is why the object seems to move while it should be static. Thanks.
  3. Hello, It seems the "See Through" module doesn't work any more with my new version of Unity 2019.2.6.f1, did someone encounter the same problem ? For my part, as the new version is no available and without any answer from the support team, I'm afraid I have to find another product...
  4. I would also be glad to get the last version to test it. Thank you to add me if possible. @Tony PH Lin
  5. If someone can help me, I woul be very grateful...
  6. Hello, thank you very much. Here are two screenshots, with and witout the program running. The cauldron is named "Chaudron". I work with the following versions : Windows 10 Unity 2019.2.1f1 SRWorks SDK – SteamVR v2.3.2 @Daniel_Y
  7. Hello, I have added a virtual object in the real scene captured by vive cameras. By the way, this object supposed to be static seems to move in the real scene, especially if I translate (see attached video). Is there a way to correct this ? Thanks a lot by advance ! https://youtu.be/RroyXI95EmY @Daniel_Y @Jad
  8. Could someone tell me where to download the SRWorks version ? (I only found a link for version) thanks ! @Daniel_Y @Corvus
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