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  1. The headset does NOT lose tracking at all. The controllers float off, or are 10 feet in front of me.
  2. Things I've tried: -Sync cable -Uninstalling all vive drivers/products -Redid the room setup many many times (sometimes its smooth, most times it loses tracking on the part of the room closest to the index base stations) -Moved base stations farther away and rotated them (redid room setup) -Opted in and out of beta -Disabled camera
  3. So I have 2 headsets, one is an index and one is a regular vive (not a pro). Anyways, you can see the photo of the space I have. I set up 2 sets of 2 lighthouse stations in the room and the vive had trouble tracking. My controller will randomly go 10 feet to my left, or stutter uncontrollably, etc. The index does fine. Any suggestions? I ran a sync cable but it does not help any. Curious if changing any settings will help (like the base station codes?) (See photo) In the photo, the index is closer to the couch and has no issues. The closer base station is for the vive and loses tracking a lot, even with the sync cable. Other base station for the vive is to the right. Approx 12ft apart. Thanks! @VibrantNebula
  4. I've had the cosmos for less than 30 days and I was reaching out for a return but I was told they do not offer returns over 14 days. Which is terrible because this headset is nothing like what they promised. My older vive works fine and I expected issues with the cosmos at first but I am not happy with the headset itself, the tracking is terrible (as everyone knows), and it keeps saying I have low lighting issues. I have to constantly uninstall and reinstall the software to get it to work for the night. Totally bizarre. What are my options? Do I try and sell 3rd party or can I escalate this somehow? Extremely disappointed.
  5. I am going out of town for a few days so I will look forward to your review. I thought I read that Vive plans to release a new powerbank this month.. but I haven't read anything lately. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Ah, good to know. Thank you! Are there any 3rd party portable chargers that I can buy til they release theirs? Any suggestions? I tried looking for "21w" portable chargers but I couldn't find any that tell the specific wattage. I tried using an online calculator to figure it out based on voltage and amps but am not 100% sure i calculated it right. Ha.
  7. I have the wireless setup for my original vive and i noticed that it showed you can use it with the cosmos, however, it does not detect my headset and constantly gives me a 201 error. Any suggestions or tips on how to resolve this? I cannot find anything on this topic.
  8. Curious, will i/we need to wait for existing games to patch each game to support the cosmos or can I go into said existing games and start playing where I left off immediately?
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