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  1. Great ! Thanks @reneeclchen! I have found another method. (1) In Hierarchy find ViveSR and click this (2) Find RigidReconstructor (3) Remove the Matirial in Live Mesh and Wireframe, You can also change the green static mesh. I'm working on a thesis project for my university and this pulgin is Fantastic, but it would take more comments in the code 😉
  2. Hi, i have a question. I'm trying to hide the green static mesh that you can see in the video. Is there a way to do that? @Daniel_Y @reneeclchen
  3. Ok thanks, i will try that @reneeclchen
  4. Thanks for replying. In my project i use three plugin: SRWorks Unity Plugin Experience Demo Stream VR Plugin My objective is to use the Semantic Segmentation while i use any VR app. I have only changed mode in Vive_SR_Dual_Camera_Ring Script in VIRTUAL because not having a good docoumentation i don't know where to put my hands Thanks! Giuly
  5. Hi, i have a problem. Heelp pls!!! I'm using a Semantic Segmentation Script. I need to use a Mood Virtual but when i load the scene this happnes: @Daniel_Y
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