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  1. @stvnxu I fixed it but i cant tell if it was the Firmware Update that i did tiday or me putting the Headset into a different USB 3 Port (I feel so dump for not trying this earlier). Maybe this will help you guys as well @MetalistBat & @ypbrevar
  2. I have the exact same issue in all 3 Points Headphones are working, Mic is not detected in the Device Manager, and the Errored USB @stvnxu @C.T.
  3. So i just bought the Vive Cosmos and tried to Set it up when i found out that my Laptop dosent have a normal or a Mini Displayport (Big OOF ) is it possible to use a cable that connects the Linkbox with HDMI? I found some that are Mini Displayport to HDMI
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