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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this. Is it true that DR2 switches direct to 45 fps, if it can´t maintain the 90 fps ? If it is, I don´t want to risk that, so I will probably stick in the wired system. Or give it a chance, if I happen to find a cheap second hand rig.
  2. Is there any performance hit expected with the wireless adapter ? Cosmos is running Dirt Rally 2.0 nicely (90 fps I guess) and would not like to lose any fps. Playing with Intel 9700K and Nvidia 2080 Super.
  3. Sofar I have been playing only Dirt Rally 2 and IRacing with the Cosmos. When buyIng the Cosmos I got the Viveport promotion code and I have signed in to Viveport Infinity but never really tested it.. Now I would like to try also something else. When I pick a game in the Steam (Pavlov VR for instance) there seems to be a price for the game. Do I have to pay it or can I play the games free of charge as long as the prpmotion code is valid ?
  4. Hi I will submit an issue report, I would just like to know does the timing of the report have any bearing. So what I mean is that when I choose the "Report an issue" does the report automatically gather some information of the Cosmos or my computer or what just happened to Cosmos in an application or does the report comprise only what I write into it ?
  5. Yesterday I put all the graphic settings as low as possible and also the Supersampling in SteamVR off. Today I looked at the A-Jeys link (Thanks) above and changed all the settings in the list starting with "Vehicle details" and ending with "Anisotropic filtering" one notch up, then started the Finnish Rally in Jämsä (very fast special stages on gravel) and I must say that it was fantastic! The game ran smoothly with very good frame rate and the controls felt very good and precise with my Fanatec Elite Steering wheel. The image quality was good and I think that there is still room for improvement by lifting the graphics settings little bit more, it was running so smoothly. I have not had any other VR stuff in PC, so I can`t compare this with others, but I must say that I am really impressed of the performance of the Cosmos. There are problems. The only way I can start the game is to do the procedure described in my previous mail, and even then it is not stable. For instance today, I started the game, ran few special stages and left the game for a while with the game still running. When I came back after like 10 mins the game was stuck, then I closed Steam and VR and started all over again. I pointed the game icon with the controller in SteamVR lobby, it had changed the start menu to Finnish language. 20 mins earlier the start menu was in English (in the VR lobby I hit the Game icon then comes Start in English/ Käynnistä in Finnish). Also the game started in 90 degrees different orientation compared to what it was 20 mins earlier. Feels like the game starts every time a little in a different way despite I try to do always in the same way. Luckily in this game it is possible to center the view in the game.
  6. I have made some progress with this. First the not so good things. I cant get this running from the Lens, the game icon appears there, but when I click it, only the game introduction video starts to run and it runs endlessly, the game does not start although I hit the start button. I start the game like this: - sign in to Steam - start the Cosmos link box - start SteamVR - start the right controller - start the game with the controller, by clicking the game icon However, it is strange that the game does not start every time, sometimes simply nothing happens when I click the game icon. Then I close the Steam and VR stuff and repeat the procedure, with the next attempt it usually starts. Good news: I was able to get a pretty decent frame rate with new graphics settings. Previously I had made the graphics settings in the game when not having the VR on. But it is like the VR version would be a different game with its own specific settings. When I found the graphics settings in the VR game I tried putting all of the settings as low as possible. Then the game was running with quite good FPS. The image quality was not very good, but not too bad either. Next step will be testing and finding settings that would give better graphics, but not hurting the FPS.
  7. I have Dirt Rally 1.0, but I could not play it with Cosmos. How did you get it work ? Both 1.0 and 2.0 work great in 2d.
  8. After great difficulties (several BSODs) I was finally able to drive one special stage completely in Dirt Rally 2.0. It was quite terrible, like driving on ice, not any feeling of the tyre grip on the road surface. The frame rate probably less than 20. I put the graphics settings to medium or low, any other ideas for better frame rate ? Intel i7700, 16 gigs, Nvidia 2080 Super.
  9. I got finally IRacing working with my Cosmos. Problem is that it runs at wrong (90 degrees) orientation compared to my steering wheel. My steering wheel and pedals are assembled on a stand so I can turn them and the seat 90 degrees to the right, but it is quite silly. Trying to do more testing. Hopefully it`s something simple. Like depending on in which orientation the headset is at the moment it`s turned on or something like that. I think that in the game there is no possibility to reset it.
  10. Assembled the beta drivers and it works now. I have a rather small room (17 m2) with seven light sources like 50 - 60 W each, but that was not enough. Opened the curtains letting daylight in (small windows, cloudy day), not enough for room calibration. Turning on my video projector with a 250 W lamp on did the trick, got the room calibration done. Works now, but the amount of light needed is ridiculous.
  11. Yes controllers are synced, the lights are blinking and the headset and the controllers are shown in the Steam VR.
  12. Quoting myself. Now it connects the USB. I think that in the beginning I tried it in the USB3.0, but after updating the drivers I did not. Next morning I connected it to USB3.0 at it was working immediately. Other problems emerged though. I can`t get the room calibration done, too dark and not enough details or whatever the phrase is. Sometimes I can get the lens appearing and the lady in the headphones gives instructions to " point the origin ". I can`t do that there is no cursor or anything else to aim with. I have tried to press the buttons, but nothing happens. The wands have the lights on. How is this used in games ? Should I start first the game and then choose VR in the game or go to Lens and start gamed from there (I could see Assetto Corsa in the lens). This device is not shown in my NVIDIA drivers, should there be another device besides my monitor, I installed yesterday the latest drivers. Video card is Geforce 2080 Super ?
  13. Me too, HDMI connected, but not USB, I have installed motherboard drivers again and removed all Windows USB-drivers and let Windows assemble them again, removed the USB-socket from the box, restarted the rig again several times+, but no go. Windows10 64-bit and all specs well above the min and no previous VIVE or any other VR devices installed.
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