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  1. Haven't played for over a week and updated and tried to play today. Getting a lot of 001 errors now after the update. Anyone else seeing this. Wasn't getting this at all before. Was able to play for an hour and took my headset off for a break came back and got an 001 error again.
  2. Did you sync the controllers. You press a button on the controller and they light up and blink until they sync with headset.
  3. On the head phone I had to actually pinch it closed at the point of the halo head band where the phones are attached. I then heard the click. I couldn't get it to click just by pushing on the outside. Hope that helps.
  4. Got my cosmos working kind of. Well lit room during the day constantly gets too dark to track message but everything is still tracking well. Is there a way to just shut the message off? NMS not working with controllers. No matter what buttons I push. Steam Vr works and recognizes controllers but shows old vive controllers in Vr. Haven't had a chance to try more games yet.
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