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  1. Hi @stvnxu ! Just getting back to you about the tracking space data as you asked 🙂
  2. Thanks for your answer ! Is there a public ticket/support board where we can track the reports' status ? I'll wait for your feedback on the tracking space data, thanks for investigating 🙂
  3. Hi, We've been doing intensive testing with the Vive Cosmos yesterday in a 200m² warehouse for a professional use, and despite the headset proving very capable (congrats !) we faced two major issues with the chaperone system : 1) When trying to create à 200m² chaperone the resulting boundaries end up significantly different than what we input : it's much smaller, covering around 3/4th of the area. 2) When trying to put the chaperone transparency at "0" in the Lens parameters wndow the chaperone is indeed hidden but only for a few seconds, after a variable amount of time (1 to 10s) it goes back to the default transparency even if the parameter's slider stays at 0. Additionnally, we also have three other unrelated problems : 3) We really need an option to prevent the Lens menu from opening up when clicking the Vive button : it's really important in professional situations so the end users don't break their experience by accident. 4) As many noted the tracking system doesn't work when lighting is a bit too low, but it also doesn't work when lighting is a bit too high, the second situation being the most problematic for us. 5) Controllers tend to loose tracking extremely often in partial occlusion situations, like when holding a virtual rifle. These exact same situations are handled almost flawlessly by WMR and Rift S headsets so I guess it can be solved via software ? Finally, we have a question regarding the tracking system : 7) What files should we copy if we want to replicate the tracking data from one computer to another so they share the same tracking space ? Thanks in advance for you help ! 🙂
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