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  1. Thanks a lot. VBIOS update worked! Now i can test my headset.
  2. Can u send link to compatible vbios?
  3. I have a very strange error. It shows error 210: compositor is disconnected, but SteamVR says that everything is okay. Viveport can launch games and SteamVR home, but only at computer. Headset IS being tracked and apps show this, but still no display on cosmos. Cosmos also shows red light. I use MSI Ge73 Raider RGB 8RF (GeForce gtx 1070 8gb, Intel core i7 8-th generation) and I don't have DisplayPort, only mini DisplayPort, so I forced to use adapters. I tried lots of adapters but no one worked. pls help
  4. Vive console also says NO TRACKING (headset and controllers) but steamVr says that headset IS TRACKING , but not controllers
  5. While doing setup it says, that usb IS connected and displayport IS connected. But error says 210. Headset stays on RED light and dont show images (even gray)
  6. Hello! I just recieved my vive and after connecting it, there's no image on cosnos and Console shows error 210. Restarting doesnt help. I dont have a DiaplayPort on my laptop, only mini Displayport, so i forced to use a adapter. Can this adapter cause these problems?
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