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  1. Hello @Synthesis, thanks for reply We have tested this and 3 or 4 other motherboards all sharing same Intel 8-9gen support capability and none of them worked with our adapter. We even found another company who has same HTC Vive wireless setup working on their Z390 platform and borrowed their PCIe card to test on our PC - card was instantly recognized and started working and card we own didn't worked on their PC aswell. We are now 100% sure this issue is PCIe card related 🙂
  2. Sorry for doublepost board doesn't allow me to edit my original post for some reason On affected motherboard we've tried: * Swapping of PCIe slots (both 1x and 16x) * Running w/ only WiGig adapter installed (w/o any GPU or other PCIe devices) * Running w/o M.2/U.2 NVMe drives * BIOS update to latest revision * PCIe slots allocation to Gen2, to Gen3, to Auto * PCIe lane tick time from 32 all the way up to 512 and more things that I currently don't remember. After installing card to Z170 or B250 motherboard, it works without any additional configuration, just like it should 😕
  3. Hello Our client wanted to rebuild his PC with new parts and went from 6700k+z170 combo to 9900k+z390 combo. New PC motherboard does not detect PCIe card at all, neither in BIOS nor in Windows Device Manager. We have been able to verify that adapter in fact works perfectly fine in old Z170+6700k PC so at first we told ourselves this is motherboard related issue. Then we tried other Z390 motherboards from MSI, Asus, Asrock aswell as Z370, B360, H310, basically everything that can more or less run 9900k CPU (we are running system integrator business so we have huge stock of new PC components). Also, we tried with B250 board and again - it worked fine, instantly detected. Our assumption is that Vive WiGig adapter (or specific model we own) is not compatible with Intel 8-9gen motherboards and processors. Adapter in question model: CCAH18LP2120T4 / 2Q4L500 S/N: 4HBA188Z000933 (MY 2018/08) Motherboard: MSI MEG Z390 ACE Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated Greetings from Lithuania 🙂
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