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  1. First time posting and just wanted to state that i am content with the product how over i would like to voice my concerns. First is the drop in tracking quality after my first few uses. I have tided my room since then and I understand that at the time of posting there is an issue with low lighting. However I am convinced that the originally untidy room state proved to be beneficial, could I please have this verified? Is there a way for the user to perceive that the cosmos is looking for tracking wise to better optimize our surroundings for this functions? I understand that the when in vive port if you place the Vive prop near your face it changes your view a monochromatic camera, am I correct in assuming that this is how the vive tracks our environment if so is there an easier way of accessing this feature. I will be making more posts in the upcoming days to expand on my concerns with the product. This is my first VR headset and I want to enjoy it as much at any other on the market Thanks
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