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  1. Ok so you didn't liked it, asked for return and got it... so why are you spreading all that hate all over the forum, I keep seeing you posting hatersísm all over this forum.. you look more like a troll than another thing to me so I won´t waste other second writing to you... Do your own research about what I explained... front cameras are hight resolution RGB, almos same resolutions as Screen and take HD video at 30FPS 😉 (and, please do research also about Light Houses Tech)
  2. and by the way... never had problems with my Cosmos, I were able to play correctly since day one... maybe because I followed the room setup instructions and my walls weren´t naked, and my room was not empty or with black walls... some times is almost impossible to developers to imagine every single room setup possible... they need data to improve the sistem, and they are working on that, updates shows that.
  3. That is not completely correct... Valve base stations were developer by HTC, in fact, are the same Light Boxes. That´s not better technology and is not more accurate. In fact, can be worst or slower in some cases. Inside Out Tracking is the Tracking that Windows Media, Oculus Rift S and Cosmos have... and Cosmos maybe by far the best of all... The worst is Windows Media Tracking as is based on only two cameras on the front of the HMDs, Rift S and Quest owns the most accurate tracking now, but only because they improved it over time.. on release it has almost the same problems that Cosmos had low light, occlusion, etc, but with the usage data and users reports Oculus managed to improve it and make it more accurate... But it is the worst technology based on B/W cameras and IR LEDs on controllers... becouse they track points on the room, mostly like the external light boxes... Why Cosmos RGB cameras are better? Well, because they allow you to not only track your controllers but your environment at the same time, providing us later with AR or XR advantages... This is why on the Cosmos Room Setup you scan objects with your view and if you activate the passthough option to show objetcs you will see the green contourn of the detected objects on your room, not all of them, just the one used by tracking.... this will allow later developers to integrate your envoiremt to the gameplay, for example if you have a sofa on the game you could see a sofa or stones that you can´t walk over hehe, there is place for a lot of nice things Check a sample of XR here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fl_VY-41fThn02083iA5yEwRe-Z2bqpG And here an example of 3D environment scanning, https://youtu.be/94uKZCV5fH4 Those things are only possible right now with VIVE PRO and Cosmos, thanks to their front RGB cameras... Please select one method to verify the above website ownership.. So as a developer, I suggest you to have patience with HTC, they are going on the right direction on VR and AR but in order to further develop this technology our community help is required, as develpers need our feedback and data, to improve the code not our hate!!
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