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  1. Thanks for the answer@VibrantNebula. I have very skilled developpers in my company, specialised in integrating various technlogy related to VR. I am looking for the best option for my clients. The thing is, we are developping VR simulators. Those VR simulators always need the integration of a specific controller (radio-command controller) for machines' piloting. We want the user to have only this radio-command controller in his hand, meaning we don't use the regular headset controllers. To do so, we integrate on the headset a leap motion that will enable the user to interact with 3D assets and also teleport in the VR. The next step for us would be to offer our client that kind of simulators upgraded with wireless technology. Today the leap motion requires a USB connection. My developper team is not convinced that eye-tracking would do the job for our purposes.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I will look at it with another angle.
  3. Thank you for the question @ATATand the answer @VibrantNebula. I have the exact same need while developping a VR simulator. Using simultaneously wireless and Leap Motion technologies would be such a great improvment for our products. Maybe integrating the Leap Motion technology into the head set would be Nice. Oculus has somtehing like this in its Quest, but the headset is used without computer and has too low performance. If any one finds out a solution I am very interested into hearing it.
  4. Hello community, I have a project starting soon using VR. I would like to create my own controller (8 buttons) connected wireless to a VR headset. So my question is: is it technically doable? Which headset(s) should I use? Which technology / programming language do I need to master?
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