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  1. Hi there, I have not run into this problem except once and want to find the best solution for when it happens again...I am looking to keep my controllers juiced and stable "if" they run out of juice wire-less-ly. My dilemma was that I was mid game and ran out of power on one of the controllers, naturally I just plugged in the usb cable and kept going, except mid play the cable came out quite a few times...and at one point this happened it made screen turn grey, I assume because it was registering as a USB device. I think that the cable I was using was simply just too flimsy and short so what I am doing now is buy some stronger and longer usb cables for the controllers. 6 feet name brand ones which seem more sturdy and long but if anyone has any ideas or alternatives how to best keep the flow of the controllers going during game if I run into this issue that would be awesome.
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