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  1. Just wanted to check in on the support ticket, is there anything you need me to do, I haven't heard from VIVE yet. @jagibson
  2. So, let me start this off by saying that my VIVE has been working fine for three months. I started experiencing issues two days ago, when movement would cause the LED display to go black on the VIVE, but the game and tracking would run fine. Yesterday, the VIVE now refuses to display anything at all, while the game plays out on the monitor via steamVR view perfectly fine. I'm using a standard HTC VIVE, with an AMD processor and a GIGABYTE RTX 2070. I have tried the following -Unplugging and plugging every wire both on my computer, on the link box, and on the HMD -updating NVIDIA drivers (ver.441.41) -changing steamVR into direct mode, no effect, I've changed this multiple times -updating VIVEPORT -using steamVRs "reset headset" and "remove all USB devices Attached are multiple system reports over multiple attempts to get the HMD to work, with nothing working. Please help I'm desperate. SteamVR-2019-12-02-PM_06_42_46.txt SteamVR-2019-12-02-PM_10_32_51.txt SteamVR-2019-12-03-PM_09_49_44.txt SteamVR-2019-12-03-PM_09_50_26.txt SteamVR-2019-12-03-PM_09_53_29.txt
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