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  1. Quest 2 + Virtual Desktop do that : for example, in arizona sunshine, you can play without controller.
  2. Same thing here and me too I just want light this thing on fire because vive doesn't care about the wireless adaptatern there isnt any firmware update since...wow... at least 18 months ? And sorry but no, it's not a problem related to a low or high end CPU : My Spec : Intel B360 a pro i7 9700KF RTX 2080 S 16Gb RAM The i7 9700kf is a high end CPU and 2080 S too On my side, I'm suspecting dark problems with the communication with the motherboard where Vive doesn't want take care about it and like @TruthCannonsaid "it's an imperfect tech". I'm tired to try the mod with the fan on the adaptater because I have the air conditioner just above my head (3meters away) and I'm thinking it's not really the problem. So I have found anything about my problem in spite of have seen a lot of thread with a lot of users with th same problem but without solution so goodbye Vive and your damn support
  3. @VibrantNebula Hi, Do you recommend this configuration (the wireless box in the ceiling) even in a multi user configuration (3 users in the same room where everyone can move freely everywhere in the room). The 3 wireless boxs will be gather themselves at the middle of the room. Do you recommend to respect the distance of 1,50m between the wireless box and the playground (in the case where the wireless box is to at the ceiling ?). It would be rather 80cm in my case. Thank you 😉
  4. Thank you about this answer but no, I can't. The problem isn't the outside lighting but the bounce of IR from Lighthouse. I'm looking for any information with the use of lighthouse in a room with plexiglass. Does the deflection is similar between plexiglass and pane ? Thank you
  5. Hello, I'm looking for the FOV (horizontal and vertical). Impossible to find the vertical FOV in the htc's FAQ. I would like install the wireless link box in the ceiling abov the playground like a "light from the ceiling" to avoid occlusion. What do you think ? @VibrantNebula @jagibson
  6. In my room there are a lot of windows pane and I can't hide them. How can I reduce the tracking issue ?
  7. Thank you @VibrantNebula about you help. I meant the windows in a house ;)
  8. Hello the Community, I'm looking for informations about the lighthouse's behavior and the IR filter (on the windows glasses). What is the wave length of the IR used in the Lighthouse ? What is the handling to setup on the windows glasses to allow a good tracking ? Thank you for the futur help 😉 Alex. @VibrantNebula
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