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  1. What this translates to me is that I have to cover up any black furniture. My room is small, just enough for a minimum play space or if I push my furniture together, I get an extra foot of space across all four boundary walls. I thought my light would be the cause of the issues but I just naturally have incompatible furniture. That is...discouraging that I have to find something to cover up the dark furniture and maybe add some color to my bare black and white room.
  2. I've had the Vive Cosmos since October 20th. I've had tracking issues since day one regardless of if I had the beta software installed. Now by Beta I'm trying it and it is very slightly improved but overall good tracking in day when I have my blinds open on a clear day. But at night with my ceiling fan light on at it's brightest, still I'm met with split second tracking loss and re-connections to tracking loss that lasts up to two to three minutes. It is to my knowledge that the tracking is light based but I am curious to know after getting the error message stating "Brighten your room or move to a brighter environment" during every disconnect. So I just want to know. How does the Vive cosmos tracks the environment and controllers, and why does it constantly berate me with the same light error message when I'm in a room with a ceiling fan centered lighting up every inch of it. I want to support the vive cosmos because I KNOW it's not a terrible product like everyone claims it to be. Edit: Forgot to mention that the lights in my room compared to actual sunlight is yellow compared to a clear white lightning from my windows in the morning to afternoon.
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