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  1. EVRSettingsError e = EVRSettingsError.None; OpenVR.Settings.SetBool(OpenVR.k_pch_Camera_Section, OpenVR.k_pch_Camera_EnableCameraForCollisionBounds_Bool, enable, ref e); OpenVR.Settings.Sync(true, ref e); return e; This method(Setbool) is not working... but GetBool method is working. I don't know what is the problem.
  2. Thank you. The method you gave me doesn't work, but let's find the relevant rink and script .
  3. My purpose is to turn on / off SteamVR-> Setting-> Camera-> Show Camera at Room Edge with code.
  4. hello. I'm developing in Unity. Is there a way to turn on / off the Tron mode in Unity? I want it to work with code rather than SteamVR setting. I want to know which classes or methods I can modify SteamVR version is beta 1.9.16 / 2.5.0 (sdk 1.8.19) thanks.
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