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  1. @zzy I appreciate your answer. I'm looking forward to the end of February.
  2. Hierarchy Image attach. I added CameraRig(Just Create Empty GameObject) in HandModel(ViveHandTracking\Sample\HandModel) of vive Hand Tracking unitypackage(v0.9.0). And the Main Camera set of the CameraRig. And I put the main Camera as a child of the CameraRig. If you change The Camera Rig position after play. you can see this problem. The reason for using the CameraRig I will make a contents, This contents is tour for village.
  3. I had used v0.8.1 Hand Tracking Unity Package. And I played 'HandModel' scene in package. But when camera position changes, the hand twisted. So I used v0.9.0 Hand Tracking Unity Package. But I couldn't resolve this problem. How can I this problem resolves?
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