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  1. thanks for your reply I have tested the tracker and controller 2.0, via the USB cable and without install any Bluetooth dongles Tracker: the tracking is ok after I pressed the power button. Controller 2.0: the tracking is ok without press the power button I am wonder why the behaviour are different? for the old VIVE tracker (1.0 version? it can only be used with lighthouse 1.0 ), the tracker will turn on when plugged the usb cable, and it can be tracked in SteamVR without pressing the power button. Actually, we implemented the old tracker in our application, now we would like to upgrade the application and the tracker to 2.0. However, the behaviour of the tracker in 2.0 is changed (require user to press the power button, rather than just plugin the cable), it may confuse the user. Is it possible to modify this behaviour, may be by modifying the device JSON or sending a command to turn on the device programmatically? Thanks @VibrantNebula
  2. I have followed the use case 1 in the HTC VIVE Tracker 2018 Developer Guidelines v1.4 to connect the tracker 2018 to PC via a USB cable only. The tracker icon in SteamVR, in both version 1.9.16 stable and 1.10.4 beta, keep flashing and cannot be tracked (related log - SteamVR_USB.txt). However, when I connect the tracker via a Bluetooth dongle, the tracker can be tracked successfully (related log – SteamVR_Bluetooth.txt). The situation is same even I set the tracker mode to “held in hand” or “disabled” in SteamVR. I have tested the usb cable with a Vive Controller 2.0, and the controller can be tracked without any problems. Is it any settings required for this use case? SteamVR_Bluetooth.txt SteamVR_USB.txt @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
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