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  1. I have issue in my setup with SteamVR and HTC VIve Pro. I have started to now get occasional issues where SteamVR loses connection to HTC Vive Pro. Screen goes black in Vive and there is message in SteamVR that HMD display cant be found/please reconnect device. Game software is still running ok background. I am sure cable has not come loose as it is sitting in both HMD and LInkbox secure but to my understanting above behavior is sign of that. I also do not see any issues on my HMDI cable connecting headset which runs mainly under my static gaming rig. What i can see looking this forum that this is not unheard issue with VivePro and for such expensive headset it seems quite bad quality. My headset is purchased less than two months ago from Finnish Gigantti electronic dealer. @Synthesis SteamVR-2020-01-21-PM_09_09_02.txt
  2. I am having these same issues (screen goes black) in my own HTC Vive Pro. I am also dead certain that cable has not come loose @Synthesis
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