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  1. jubbs


    Hey guys I just wanted to come back here to thank you all for helping me out. The community here is pretty helpful. When I was reading about the different VR systems before I decided on the Cosmos all I was really looking at was specs, I never considered the tracking method in my decision. I did end up sending it back and I might consider one of their lighthouse tracked units later on if the price comes down or if they come up with an insideout system that doesn't struggle keeping track of the controllers.
  2. jubbs


    Yea I figured it was a long time. I was trying to see how long I could play for before feeling some kind of motion sickness because this is my first VR system. I found that it has a lot to do with the game, I tried Orbus for 15 minutes and that did me in for the whole day but nearly 3 hours on Boneworks didn't bother me at all. I played for a while again last night. The internal fan is working but it still got extremely hot. I put a fan in the room pointed at me and that make a noticeable difference but it still got uncomfortable after about an hour. I played The Lab and struggled to get the bow to work right. The hmd loses my firing hand when I would draw the arrow all the way back on the bow. Then I tried Pavlov again and couldn't get any of the long guns to cooperate with me. It's impossible to play a shooter with that kind of handicap and a big reason I wanted VR was shooters. I'm leaning heavily toward returning this thing and the new faceplates coming out are barely worth considering. I'm already into the Cosmos for 700, after I buy the new stuff I'll close to 1000, and I don't really like those wand things from the older vive so I'll want to buy Index controllers... It's just an unnecessary money pit. When production is caught up with the demand for the Index why wouldn't somebody just get that instead of the Cosmos and all the extra crap you need just to play games without the issues it comes with? I was happy at first but after playing with it for a while I'm feeling pretty ripped off and this left a really bad taste for being my first VR.
  3. jubbs


    I'll try a fan before I go through the return process but I'm not sure it'll make much of a difference. I don't have a problem with it fogging and I don't really get any sweat until around the time when the hmd heat peaks, then it's just the top of my face that sweats. The longest I've played so far was 2.5-3hrs and I only stopped because the heat was unbearable anymore. but like I said last night, I'll play some VR after work today. I have heard the fans running before but I'll double check that the fans are working anyway. I'm still tempted to send it back anyway over the tracking problems because I can't aim long guns without the front hand jittering around and the whole gun pushing forward as if I were jabbing at something with the barrel.
  4. jubbs


    I do hear a fan running when I use it, and it's the whole unit that gets hot. I'll start it up when I get home from work tomorrow and give specifics.
  5. Do other hmd's get as hot as the cosmos? After about 45 minutes this thing feels like it's about to melt. This along with not being able to use rifles in shooters because of the tracking being so bad is making me consider returning it.
  6. I played around in Hellsplit for about an hour and really enjoyed it. The hand tracking seemed mostly alright but I also don't have any other experience to compare to. Here's the "but" though... when using a rifle in a shooting game. I went in the range on Onward and Surv1v3 for a bit and looking down a sight or scope on any long gun was more trouble than it was worth. My right controller would vibrate(I'm assuming) when I'd have the stock up to my shoulder but when I try to look through whatever attachment was on any of the guns or use the irons, my headset would lose my right controller and the gun would start twisting and jittering. I found a mirror in one of my games and decided to see how far down my back it would track the controller if I held it by the strap and let it slide down and it went far enough that it made me wonder how it could still sense it. But then it loses them mid swing sometimes if I draw back too far or swing too fast... Am I really just moving too fast for it to track? Or is there something else going on here that I don't understand. Do other inside-out tracking sets have these same issues ?
  7. I just bought my cosmos and I'm just waiting for the post office to open before I go pick it up. This is my first VR and I'm a little curious about this insideout tracking stuff. I've watched a few videos of people complaining about the tracking, is it really that bad? There was a video from Dec 2019 where the guy was holding his hands up to simulate holding a rifle in a game and his hands were warping all over the place and I couldn't tell if this was just a common problem or if it was happening because he was trying to make it happen. If it is that bad I'll probably get this lighthouse tracking faceplate I read a little about whenever it becomes available. Also where should I look to see news about vive? Just around the forum or is there a media source for all this?
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