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  1. These are the log files that are in the folder. @Daniel_Y EyeCameraModule.log EyePredictionModule.log LCameraModule.log RuntimeIPCManager.log SR_Runtime.log SRanipalInstaller.log SRWorks.log SRWorks_Runtime.log ViveSR_Client.log ViveSRWorks_Runtime.log
  2. Yes I've already enabled it, the test gives me "Camera test passed". I've also already installed SRWorks runtime. @Daniel_Y
  3. I am using SRWorks version and Unity version 2019.3.3f1. The HMD I'm using is the Vive Pro Eye.
  4. Hi, I want to use the front cameras for a pass through application so I'm testing out with the SRWorks SDK. The problem is that when I run the ViveSR_Sample scene, it doesn't work. It just gives me a black screen and a white square, shown in the image below. Does anyone know how what this problem is and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.
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