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  1. Sounds like you need to unplug your headset and power from your PC, uninstall steamVR, and reinstall it, then plug headset back in to redownload drivers. You may also try setting everything back to default in your steamVR settings. Give it a whirl, post any changes?
  2. Turn off all lights, LED, florescent, everything. Anything that emits light, turn it off or block it. Mouse, keyboard, ceiling fan light, router light, printer light.... everything. Play in pitch black.
  3. I have made a discovery that may correct many peoples problems. I'll put it simply, turn off ALL lighting on the room, ALL LED's and florescent lighting, im talking pitch black room, mouse/keyboard basically anything that emits light, shut it off or block it. Yes, that includes the ceiling lights, clock light, router light.. everything.
  4. I have discovered the issue! Let it be known, it's not just shiny surfaces or reflected light that cause problems... but direct light! I have done some testing with base station positions, different locations and based on that I discovered that removing direct light from any direction stop the base stations from losing their tracking. I tested further, florescent lighting has an effect on the base stations but not as severe. LED lighting has a MASSIVE impact on the base stations in a very negative way. Regardless of location, regardless of direct light or reflected light, the base stations get lost from each other EVEN when sync'd! (A+B cable Sync) Be it a light bulb, LED especially, or other appliances such as a mouse, keyboard or anything that has an LED light can and will confuse the base stations. Which is why they both disconnect at the exact same time, then reconnect in an attempt to fix themselves. Also, after discovering this, I dug a little deeper. It's not JUST the base stations affected by this but the controllers AND the Headset. With the sensors on these items, LED light blinds them. I held an LED light in the middle of the room with an on/off toggle, while holding the headset. Turning on the LED the headset lost tracking before anything else, turning the LED off, the headset reconnected. In conclusion! LED and even florescent lighting confuse the Sensors in your VR equipment. Turning off all lights and blocking any other lights (with tape) will correct the issue of both Gray screens, headset disconnection, controller loss, etc. If you test this yourself and it doesn't work, speak up because I know how frustrating this can be. This resolution should be posted or sticky'd either somewhere in a FAQ's or a list of common problems/resolutions. I intend to test further with other samples and scenarios.
  5. Ive tried the bypass, I even bought a brand new link box. For some reason its the lighthouses that disconnect, which in turn disconnects the headset and controllers after. The loghthouses reconnect on their own, and the headset and controllers come back. Which is why I thought it was the link box Bluetooth radio. But even with a brand new box, it does the same thing. Is it possible to hardwire the basestations?
  6. The Windows connect and disconnect sound goes off every time it happens. Both lighthouses go blank on the steamVR tray, then both come back 30 or so seconds later. It happens even when the headset and controllers are sitting on my desk no being touched or moved.
  7. Im having this exact same issue. I thought it was the Link Box so I went ahead and ordered a new one, $50 later It's not the problem. I've also tried the Sync cable, switched to A + B and still gray screens and reconnects 30 seconds later. Happens every couple minutes. I even had everything on, sat in VR Home screen, and with no interaction it disconnects both base stations at the exact same time regardless. Has the been a fix found for this? I would really appreciate any help. SteamVR-2020-02-28-AM_11_47_14.txt
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