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  1. I finally got the adapter today and it works flawless on my Thunderbolt port. after enabling it in my bios. Default was disabled for some reason. The performance is much better than my 980ti sli setup.
  2. Thank you. I ordered the club 3D one from Newegg earlier today. I should have it in a day or 2. I am really anxious to see how Half life Alyx plays on newer gen. I am currently hooked to an x99 5930k 980ti. It does OK but there is choppiness and slow downs at times. My left hand is also invisible for some reason. I can see the hardware in game attached to it but no skin texture on it.
  3. Yes! I do have that. Thanks bunches.
  4. Laptop specs are here. I guess it has a thunderbolt port too? please help https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GS75-Stealth-9SX/Specification
  5. I have a very high end Laptop a MSI Gs75 Stealth 9sg with the RTX280 in it. Is there an adapter that will make my cosmos plug in to it? The only display port I have is a 4k 60hz HDMI port.
  6. Thanks but all I ever get when I capture is one split image like this. Never a single image.
  7. Is there a fix for this? Brand new Cosmos. I max frames in all that I have tried but when I take a screenshot it comes out like this. Happens with all games. @C.T. @stvnxu
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