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  1. Hi @MariosBikos_HTC, I am using ue4 4.24, sdk and steam VR 1.11.11. I was able to fix the issue by manually moving anchors in the SranipalAvatarSample in the middle of new eyes. I was wondering whether you need to do it every time you load a new mesh or is it something that is supposed to be done automatically and I am somehow missing this feature? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I experimenting with the ue4 eyetracking demo. I wanted to use my custom avatar but, as soon as I swap it to my mesh instead of the demo one, the rotation of the eyes seem to be very off (on runtime). I set up joints and mesh in the same way the demo head is. Pivots are in the same position. Demo head is working fine. Anyone know what might cause that? Thanks!
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