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  1. I tried again while wearing the headset, and got a couple dropped hits, ranging from 500 - 1100. Is this the normal amount?
  2. Greetings Vibrant, I followed your instructions and left my headset and controllers facing the basestation for around 5 minutes although I didn't see any dropped hits in the console except for when I closed SteamVR, although I'm guessing thats because it turned the diode off to go to sleep. I have the log if needed, Thanks for your help!
  3. Greetings! I been having some issues with my Basestation, It just recently came back from repair for a dead diode, but now its having trouble tracking. Some of the problems I've seen are; controller jittering, inaccurate movement, and jumps. I've concluded its the basestation because I've troublshooted throughly with a combination of different controllers and individually using each basestation, along with removing any reflective surfaces that might cause interference. The video below demonstrates these issues. Thank you for your time. Controller_Jitter.mkv
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