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  1. My nose guard is falling off...again. Paid over $100 less than a year ago to get it replaced. Support determined it was cosmetic and not a functioning piece so it didn't fall under warranty. Any ideas on how to re-adhere it without the glue damaging the headset or if they can be acquired? Checked iFixIt but they don't sell the nose guard. Thanks!
  2. @VibrantNebula Holy crap that's a long time to be out of the office, but yo, thanks so much! Now I have to find a polite way to tell Support that when I sent in the headset it had 1 velcro strip that wouldn't stick to the headset, and now there are three that won't stick lol.
  3. I sent my Vive Pro in to repair the rubber nose piece and a velcro strip for the face cushion to the tune of $280. I received my Vive Pro back with a new pair of headphones (that I didn't have on since I use a surround sound system) but no Vive Pro headphone caps that were on it when I sent it in. So, the question. Is there anyway to get headphone caps? I don't need two sets of headphones. Support said I"d have to send it in again, so another 3-4 weeks of waiting, after already waiting 3 weeks last time.
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