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  1. Thanks for your kind reply. Could you please tell me if the configuration below is doable? Let's suppose that I have three sets of vive-baselines and three vive trackers. Is it possible to uniquely calibrate each vive tracker with respect to each set of base-station? For example, can we make the tracker VT1 responds only to the base-station B1 while VT2 responds to B2 only? If so, all we need to know is the coordinate transformation between B1 and B2. This may sound crazy for you, but I would like to find a way to use Vive system... Best,
  2. Thanks for the kind reply. I did some research about the Opti-track system. But, it also doesn't guarantee to solve the occlusion problem. Never heard of the Kinect V2 array setup. Could you kindly let me know any links or related technical documents for it? Best,
  3. Hello, I am trying to localize objects ( a mobile robot, for example ) in a 8.68m x 8.68m sized space as below. I was wondering if someone could help me with my questions below. 1) There will be walls and other objects that could occlude the tracking device. Can I still robustly localize the tracker in the presence of such interference? 2) Buying more base-stations would solve the occlusion problem? 3) How many base-stations do I need to buy in order to cover the entire space in a single coordinate system densely? 4) Could you please let me know the tracking accuracy? 5) Is there any open source SW/ API support for reading the pose of the tracking device? HTC vive seems very nice solution compared to other camera based motion tracking systems in terms of both price and performance. Best regards,
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