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  1. We have a hardware adapter with a single button the connects to the pogo pins. I have a very simple unity secene that has a basic XR Origin and a GameObject for the tracker with a TrackedPose driver and a custom script with InputActionReference triggerReference = null; and callbacks ( triggerReference.action.started += TriggerCB; triggerReference.action.canceled += TriggerCB;) to detect the actions. Did you add the HTC Tracker profile to the Interaction profiles and created a XR Input action map to associate the pose and trigger with the InputActionReference?
  2. I'm using SteamVR v2.1.10 and I think its using the OpenXR Runtime from SteamVR.
  3. Don't know what happened. But somehow the Pogo pins started to work. Maybe a SteamVR update fixed the issue. Tested it with Unity 2021.3 (Unity XR SDK) The profile (see attachment) is not complete yet but it supports the trigger pin. I still get some type ButtonControl (float) vs int value warnings but don’t have time the look into that. Hope someone get this fully functioning. HTCViveTrackerProfile.cs
  4. Still no news!? 😐 Curious if the HP Reverb Omnicept with face camera can do lip tracking
  5. @Jad We are also very interested in the lip tracking module for our research projects.
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