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  1. I posted about this a week ago but the post got deleted for some reason? I bought a new Vive Pro headset in March 2020 and the right earphone kept cutting out. I tried tightening the screw under the headband and this helped a little but I got frustrated with it cutting out all the time and I just had a baby so I didn't have time to use it. Just started using it again and the earphone issue was worse, until I realized it would work if I had the visor slid out away from my eyes to an exact distance. I also noticed that the eye distance knob didnt' do anything, twisting it would bring up the distance for a second but would never change it. If I couldn't get the earphone working by adjusting the eye-piece in and out to find the exact spot where it worked sometimes it would start working again if I pushed the data cable into the headset port VERY HARD. Does this sound like an issue with the cable or did I just get a defective headset?
  2. I bought a Vive Pro HMD in March 2020 as an upgrade for my original Vive headset. It immediately gave me trouble in the form of the right ear-phone not playing audio. On this forum I found a tip for tightening the screw for it and this seemed to help a bit, but I really just didn't have time to play it much (I just had a baby) so I let it sit. In retrospect I should have tried to send it back for support back then but as I said I was pretty busy. Over the last few months I've started using the headset regularly again and the issue seems to have gotten worse, the audio will only work if the the eye-piece is slid forward part-way to an exact location. If I slide it fully towards my eyes or fully away audio will cut out on the right ear-phone again. I've also noticed that the eye-distance adjuster knob doesn't do anything. If I spin it it will bring up the eye-distance numbers momentarily but then they will disappear without adjusting. Sometimes when the audio doesn't work at all no matter how I adjust it if I pull out the data cable from the headset and REALLY push it back in hard it will start working again. I'm wondering if this is something likely to be fixed by a new cable? They aren't cheap but I'd absolutely buy one if it resolved this. As it is it's actually not a great experience even when it is working with the eye-piece slid out a distance as it throws off my peripheral accuracy. I was a very early adopter of the Vive and would like to stay with the product line as I upgrade through the years, but this one glitchy headset is starting to sour me on the name.
  3. Thank you for the specifics, that's exactly the information I needed. Can you confirm for me though, I was just looking at the ordering page for the base stations and is says they do not work with the original vive wands. Is that true? I have index controllers but I still prefer the wands for a lot of games.
  4. Hi, I have a Vive Pro HMD but kept my old lighthouses (from the regular Vive). These lighthouses often triggered warnings in Steam VR for being slightly too far apart (I forget the distance but I think it's a bout 1.5 feet farther apart than suggested) but I never had tracking issues with my old Vive HMD. The Vive Pro though seems a bit touchier, with wands or with Index controllers. I'm wondering if upgrading to the vive pro base stations might resolve this. Do they allow a greater distance between them? I know they allow for larger play area but I haven't seen anything about different distance between stations online. Thanks!
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